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My interest in Sea-glass started in the 1980s when I was living & working in St. Thomas USVI. When I was able to get a bit free time, I took the opportunity to head to the beaches.

Most of the beaches catering to the tourists were kept rather clean, but if

one went off the beaten track to the ? or secluded beaches it was pot -luck whether anyone made an effort to clean up the area. I became in the habit of bringing a few old shopping bags and filling them up w/ the garbage to dispose. The collection of items was varied. All sorts of stuff like: Flip flops, old lighters, plastic bottles, pieces of nylon fish net, plastic bags and can holders (these are all very dangerous for Turtles and Seabirds, they get choked in them) boat bits and so forth. That way we always left the beach a bit better than we found it. At first some friends questioned the idea, but then they started ? too.

Sometimes ? find a pretty shell or Sea-fan, saving them for their beauty. Then I started collecting the pretty bits of ? glass. There was an assortment of colors from the different types of broken pieces that had washed ashore.

At the time I was selling jewelry through a lady named Barbara, owner of Monkeyfist Boutique on St. John Island. One day while talking we were about her new ? mirror designs for the coffee table that were framed w/ Sea-glass, we both agreed Sea-glass had a pretty and interesting quality. She commissioned a new jewelry line highlighting Sea-glass to sell at her shop and so started a new project which was a design learning experience.

Sea-glass is tricky material because ? always in irregular shapes and thicknesses, one must be careful not to put too much pressure on the glass while working with it, or ? chip and break, at the same time trying to set it securely. Along the way I learned how to drill the glass w/ diamond drill bits, also a tricky business to develop expertise in.

Over the years the designs have evolved according to glass, experiences, and customer/store requests, leading to more ideas and variations. Sales expanded to several other stores among the Virgin Islands, both the US & British as interest in Sea-glass and my jewelry grew.

Then yet another nasty hurricane blew through and I decided it was time to head to Germany.

As businesses close, new markets open, besides here in Germany; Tory`s Jewelry Store is an agent in Marblehead, MA, USA.

Sea-glass may not be very well known here in Germany, but like in the Virgin Islands, it has the potential to become very popular!